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Welcome to the inaugural series of projects by RHC Publishing.

Our goal is to enrich current harp repertoire by publishing and republishing some of its finest representative literature.

The music of Alfred Holư is our first project. Caught between Romanticism and Post-Romanticism, Holư's compositions exhibit  the influence of each genre. He was neither an innovator nor a formalist, but a superb artist-craftsman whose work can be defined by its broad lyric content. Writing what can be undeniably described as some of the most beautiful music composed for the harp, his undulating lines and soaring melodies often create the illusion of the harp as a legato instrument.

All music is newly engraved, printed in oversized folio format (finished size is 11 by 14 inches) on archival grade, acid free, 100-pound text and coated paper. In plain words an easy to read, extremely durable and very handsome edition. All new editions incorporate the composer's corrections and revisions.

Currently we have 15 seperate pieces contained in seven works available for sale. Among these, Opus 33 — Miniaturen [five miniatures for harp solo], composed in 1944, is in its first edition. A recording of these works is now available on Compact Disc.

This website is best viewed with browser versions 4.0 or higher and at high color and screen resolutions.  The first page of any piece can be viewed by browsing through Works of Alfred Holư and clicking on any page that is marked NOW AVAILABLE. After the title page appears, click the title of any individual piece you would like to see.

You will also hear a short audio clip of each score page you are viewing if your browser or operating system is equipped with a Shockwave player. If you miss part of the clip or want to hear it again just click on the Refresh or Reload button on your browser menu bar.

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A price list and order form can be found at Holư Music Order Form.